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10 Essential Tips for Birth & the First Week of Parenthood

We weren’t meant to birth alone.

That’s why we created the only FREE course that empowers both expectant moms and their partners to prep for birth AND postpartum with confidence.


Many expecting moms want to learn about birth alongside their partners because they want to feel supported in the delivery room.


So, we designed this FREE 30-minute workshop where we cover the 


10 Essential Tips for Birth & the First Week of Parenthood✨ 

Who We Are



Certified Childbirth Educator & Doula


Education Specialist

Hi, everyone! We are a husband-wife childbirth education team (Yep, a man that teaches about childbirth, too!). We are passionate about bringing an educational yet fresh and fun perspective. Childbirth is unpredictable. We want moms and dads to be ready for anything so they can have a positive, joyful birth no matter what happens.


We had three kids in five years (whew!) and experienced everything from unmedicated birth to emergency c-section and whole a lot in between. We experienced the ups and downs and even some trauma. Our journey inspired us to develop comprehensive and couples-focused resources so expectant parents can learn together and feel confident.

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About the
Mini-Birth Class for Couples

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Here's what you'll experience during this FREE 30-minute workshop:

👉🏾  You’ll get expert advice.

Learn from a certified childbirth educator and doula who teams up with her birth nerd husband. Together, they deliver evidence-based content while sharing all three of their birth stories to make the learning come alive.


👉🏾 It’s designed for couples.

Partners will learn what it takes to support you before, during, and after labor. Watch together or send your partner the replay link later.


👉🏾 You’ll know what to expect and feel confident (not fearful)

We address questions head-on like, "How painful are contractions?" "How do I plan for the unexpected?" and "What is the #1 thing I need to know before starting to breastfeed?" You'll walk away with more confidence and less fear.


👉🏾 It’s interactive & hands-on

Gain practical strategies that will get you out of your seat along with specific guidance for how to begin writing your birth plan.



If you complete the lesson, we’ll send you downloadable resources to help you on your birth-prep journey - completely FREE!

What Couples Are Saying

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"We found the Mini-Birth Class for Couples very helpful in shifting our mindset from a really rigid plan of things we want for the birth to a mindset that's way more balanced and relaxed. The video made us excited to partner together, too."


- Sarah & Nick, USA

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