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Be 100% prepared for an unmedicated birth, epidural or C-section with this interactive course from the world's favorite husband-wife birth education duo.


Jessica & Ben Lagrone




Learn how to breastfeed from actual video demonstrations with this one-of-a-kind course taught by an IBCLC.


Jessica Newcomb




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Watch birth footage from a hospital unmedicated birth, epidural, birthing center, home birth, and a C-section!

Save $29 when you enroll in both Balanced Families® Birth Class for Couples and Balanced Families® Breastfeeding and gain exclusive bonuses like incredible birth footage & interviews.
Birth Class   $79
Breastfeeding   $49
Reg Price   $128
Your Price:   $99

Meet the Team


Jessica Lagrone, CCCE

As a certified childbirth educator (CAPPA), Jessica knows firsthand that knowledge is power for new parents. She has a passion for teaching moms how to birth with confidence and find joy no matter what circumstances they encounter. She specializes in producing balanced, evidence-based content so students are empowered to make their own informed decisions. She co-founded Balanced Families® with her husband, Ben. They have three girls and love the outdoors.

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Ben Lagrone, Ed.S

Ben works with dads and birth partners to provide the tools they need to support their loved ones during pregnancy, birth, and beyond. Before co-founding Balanced Families®, Ben worked as an educator and K-12 instructional specialist. He was well-respected in his field, publishing curriculum used in over 80 school districts across the U.S. His love for teaching has never faded; he now brings that passion and expertise to family education.

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Jessica Newcomb, APRN, CPNP-PC, IBCLC

Jessica has been working with women, infants and children since 2006, first as a registered nurse, and now as a pediatric nurse practitioner (PNP).  After experiencing breastfeeding challenges of her own, Jessica then became an international board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) to help new mothers find breastfeeding success. She currently oversees the newborn nursery as a PNP at a local birthing center. Jessica and her husband, Zach, have two teenagers who keep them busy with sports and outdoor adventures.

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