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Learn everything you need to know about childbirth, avoiding unneeded interventions, and working as a team during labor.
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Our Balanced Approach to Birthing

Being pregnant in the age of social media is hard. If you're like most women, the constant barrage of information has left you feeling overwhelmed - not educated.


And all the contradictory opinions have left you confused and afraid to make the wrong decisions.

You’ve probably heard labor is excruciating and you’re insane to try for an unmedicated birth. Why would you torture yourself? And why put your baby in danger?

Or maybe you've heard the opposite - that birth is a natural process and hospitals only get in the way. If you decide to get an epidural, you’re weak. You’re a failure.


So who's telling the truth? Is it better to go natural? Do hospitals make it safer or more dangerous?


Well, here’s the truth:


Every birth is unique.

It can be challenging but also blissful.

It’s safe, but there can be complications.

You can have a mind-blowing, amazing birth wherever you choose to have your baby.

And there are benefits and risks to every decision.


Our balanced approach to birthing isn’t sexy. It doesn’t get all the likes and clicks.


But it’s the truth.


And that’s what you'll learn in our course - the truth about childbirth.

👎 The problem with hospital birth classes...

They don’t teach women how to cope with labor naturally. Even if you plan to have an epidural, you will experience pain at some point, especially early on. And many times epidurals don’t even work properly!

👎 The problem with natural birth classes...

They give false promises of easy, ecstatic, or "painless" births while demonizing doctors and interventions. If something unexpected occurs during labor, moms aren’t empowered to make decisions and advocate for themselves because they only trained for a natural birth.

👉 And the BIG elephant in the room...

Most classes ignore partners, even though the large majority of women choose their partner to support them during labor. It's nearly impossible to find a truly couples-focused curriculum.

💕 Welcome to the beautiful world of balance...

This is the birth course for you if you want the best of both worlds - to learn how to give birth naturally but understand the benefits and risks of ALL your options. Our course is perfect whether you choose a hospital, birth center, or home birth.

And if you plan to have your partner in the delivery room, there's literally not a more couples-focused course on the Internet (because a couple teaches ours!).

The one-size-fits-all approach will no longer do. We believe in personalized childbirth education that trains women how to achieve the birth they want but also ready for the unpredictable.

Are you ready for you and your partner to feel empowered and confident no matter what you face during labor? Then, let's get started!

We Started a Movement

Our top-selling course has helped thousands of couples in over 36 countries have fear-free, joy-filled births!


What You Can Expect with Our Program

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  • Gain expert advice from a seasoned doula and certified birth educator you can trust.

  • Learn the 4 Stages of Labor and how to know you're in labor without going to the hospital too late (or too early!)

  • Understand the benefits and risks of every intervention and how to make decisions in the middle of labor if your birth plan changes.

  • Master 27 natural labor-coping techniques to help you breathe and relax so you can labor as long as it takes - without a hint of agony. You might even enjoy your labor! 

  • Practice (as a couple) 19 powerful techniques your birth partner can use to help you through your worst contractions.

  • Discover 5 pushing positions to get your baby out quickly and prevent tearing.

  • Get on the same page with your partner through our discussion prompts and conversation starters.

  • Understand your options after birth and the benefits and risks of all newborn procedures.

  • Know exactly what to expect during postpartum and how your partner can support you during your transition to motherhood.

Evidence-Based & Medically Reviewed

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"This course offers well-researched, evidence-based information about pregnancy, labor, and postpartum care. Ben and Jessica are fun and engaging without dismissing important topics. The layout and presentation of the modules is easy to follow despite being packed with valuable information."


Samantha C.
Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM)

Features You'll Love

Meet Your Instructors

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We are Jessica and Ben Lagrone - the @balanced.birth.couple! I am a certified doula and childbirth educator and my husband, Ben, is an education specialist turned dad coach. We have three amazing children all with wildly different birth stories.

My first two I labored entirely unmedicated at a birth center, but at the end had to transfer to a hospital for medical reasons - one resulting in an emergency c-section. My third I had an unmedicated VBAC at a hospital.

My love for natural birth combined with my own unique birth experiences is what inspired me to create a balanced birth class so I could help moms avoid the ups and downs of what I experienced.

When I presented my dream to Ben, a fire lit inside him. “Ya know, I wish as your birth partner I was more equipped, too. What if I taught alongside you in the course?” That’s when we had the idea to create a truly couples-focused curriculum that empowered partners to give moms the support they need.

The Balanced Birth Method™

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The Balanced Birth Method™ is the exact method I teach as a certified doula and childbirth educator, and it incorporates the best elements of common methods like Lamaze, Hypnobirthing, Bradley Method, and evidence-based practices to create a complete, balanced approach to birthing.

And it’s also couples-focused because we’ve found most women want to get their partners involved during labor, but just don’t know how. Ben teaches alongside me the whole time sharing his experiences with our three births and the most important support tips. There’s no “special lesson” for partners. The whole course is for partners!

What the Evidence Says About Birth Partners

Having a trained birth partner reduces your risk of a c-section by 28%! Women choose our couples-focused course so their partners are equipped to provide them the support they deserve.


Popular Bonuses

Included: The Birth & Postpartum for Couples

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Too many women focus so much on their birth plans and forget to plan for postpartum! So we created an in-depth Birth and Postpartum Planner for Couples to help you and your partner think through everything and get on the same page.

Unbeatable Value - 1 Low Price

40 on-demand and interactive video lessons with lifetime access ($450)
Avoiding Tearing Masterclass ($75)
Birth & Postpartum Planner for Couples ($75)
Natural Birth Cheat Sheets ($30)
Complete Guide to Inductions eBook ($40)
Deep relaxation exercises w/ audio ($40)
Birth & postpartum private support group ($200)
Dads-only private support group ($200)
Mobile-friendly interface for on-the-go learning ($20)



(or 3 easy payments of $54!)

Here's How to Enroll for FREE!

Did you know health insurance often covers childbirth classes? Many students take our class for FREE by reimbursing themselves with their HSA/FSA or by submitting their invoice to their insurance for a direct reimbursement. Check your plan to see what options are available!

Test Drive It, Risk-free

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We're so confident you'll love our course that we offer a generous 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don't feel 100% prepared for your birth, or you simply decide it's not for you - just let us know!

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