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Birth with confidence.

Learn together. 

Become 100% prepared for an unmedicated birth, epidural or C-section with our interactive, on-demand course taught by a husband-wife birth education duo.

“Girl, you aren’t strong enough to have a natural birth. Just get the epidural.”

“Your husband won’t help you. He’ll probably just watch his phone until you’re pushing.”

“Oh no! You do not want an epidural. It will hurt your baby!”

“Just get induced. It’s so much easier and you won’t have to wait to go into labor.”

Tired of all the opinions and just want the facts so you can make your own decisions?

Searching for an engaging class that will equip your partner to provide the support you need?

Overwhelmed with all the birth info out there

Nervous that you won’t be able to do it or that you’ll make the wrong decisions


Freaked out from hearing traumatic birth stories


Unsupported because your partner doesn't know anything about labor


Maybe you feel...

We get it!

After working with thousands of couples and having 3 children of our own, we’ve seen firsthand how difficult it can be to feel empowered to make informed decisions with confidence. Between all the differing advice given by bloggers and influencers, moms and friends, doulas and birth educators - it can be MADDENING.

Unbiased and evidence-based information shouldn’t be this difficult to find!

And having an informed birth partner is one of the biggest keys for women achieving the birth they want.

That's why we created the The Birth Class for Couples. It has a comprehensive, balanced approach specially crafted for couples because well...ya's actually taught by a couple!

Single parent? No problem! Rest assured it's still 100% relevant for you.

Here's a Sneak Peek!

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Ashley & Hayden

This covered every single topic we could have imagined, and more! We felt fully equipped after going through it. The course was thorough and straightforward, but also fun! It had a very relational feel, too. It was like having your best friends sitting in your living room teaching you! The course really helped us talk through a lot of details that we otherwise wouldn't have thought of. After each module, we stayed up talking more after it was over. It was great! We were able to get on the same page and have a strategy for how Hayden could advocate on my behalf during labor. Also, the course gave us very practical tools, tips and techniques for managing labor pain. The practice beforehand gave us an idea of what worked and what didn't and that was really useful when labor came for real. The sessions on postpartum were also really impacting to us and helped us envision what life would be like with a newborn.


Tonye & Antwan

We really enjoyed the course and associated content. It definitely impacted our birth process! Our birth went really well. We were able to have a vaginal and unmedicated birth which was our goal. This was our second child. Since our first birth was an induction, I honestly didn't remember what contractions felt like, but things began just as described in the course. The pain definitely got real, but hubby was the best support. We utilized a lot of the techniques that we learned in the course. I had no real tearing or interventions needed! Overall, this experience was night and day from our previous experience. Antwan and I both felt really empowered to set the atmosphere and make decisions.

What is
The Birth Class for Couples?

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  • Convenient, on-demand lessons you can access on any device

  • A balanced, unbiased class that prepares both moms AND dads for childbirth and postpartum

  • Detailed information about all types of birth: epidurals, inductions, unmedicated, c-sections (and everything in between)

  • Preparation for unmedicated birth while also learning about interventions and when they may be needed (and when they’re really not)

  • An opportunity to overcome fears, learn how to be flexible, grow closer together as a couple and develop your birth wish list that will help guide you through your birth journey.

You’ll BOTH feel confident, informed and prepared to meet your new baby with joy!

Meet Your Instructors


Certified Childbirth Educator & Doula


Education Specialist

Hi, everyone! We are a husband-wife childbirth education team (Yep, a man that teaches about childbirth, too!). We are passionate about bringing an educational yet fresh and fun perspective. Childbirth is unpredictable. We want moms and dads to be ready for anything so they can have a positive, joyful birth no matter what happens.


We had three kids in five years (whew!) and experienced everything from unmedicated birth to emergency c-section and whole a lot in between. We experienced the ups and downs and even some trauma. After our first childbirth especially, we were left wishing our birth class prepared us better.

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With our online program, you can expect to...

  • Understand the pros and cons, benefits and risks of your childbirth options

  • Know the stages of labor

  • Practice how to relax and breathe effectively

  • Master practical tools and techniques to deal with labor pain

  • Watch demonstrations of the best pushing positions

  • Learn practical ways to overcome fear and anxiety

  • Gain essential care tips for postpartum

  • Be 100% prepared for unmedicated birth, planned epidural, or anything in between

  • Get educated from both a mom AND dad perspective

  • Connect with your partner and discuss your desires

  • Create a birth plan that's clear but flexible

  • Join an online support group that's ready to answer your questions


Samantha C.

Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM)

"This course offers well-researched,
evidence-based information about
pregnancy, labor, and postpartum care. Ben and Jessica are fun and engaging without dismissing important topics. The layout and presentation of the modules is easy to follow despite being packed with valuable information."

See What's Included

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Hands-on Activities

We learn by doing. This course gets you out of chair with actual demonstrations and interactive practicums.

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Online Support Group

Ask questions, find community, and attend exclusive sessions led by Jessica and Ben.

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Downloadable Resources

Our course is packed with printables, cheat sheets, and reference guides. 


Lifetime Access

Having more kids? No sweat. Come back whenever you're ready for a refresher.

And don't forget the

We're always adding new resources because we can't help it - we're birth nerds! Here are the latest additions:

  • How to choose your OB, midwife or doula handouts

  • Fear releasing exercises

  • Unmedicated birth cheat sheets

  • Relaxation scripts and audio recordings

  • What Every Couple Needs to Know About Postpartum Guide

Every Birth is Unique

That's why we created a comprehensive course that prepares couples for any birth type or setting they chose.

"When my wife began exploring the idea of having a home birth, I was completely on board, but also a little intimidated. This was our first pregnancy and neither of us knew too much about giving birth. I’m so glad my wife found this course, because it made a huge difference in our birth story. The information is well-researched and very clear, and the format is very approachable. Jess and Ben are warm and clearly have the heart of a teacher. By the time our son was arriving, we both felt much more confident and equipped going into the birth. We were able to definitively make the decision to try for a home birth, while also having a backup plan in case we had to go to the hospital. We really appreciated how much information Jess and Ben laid out without pressure. We didn’t feel pressured to go with a home birth, a hospital birth, or something in between, but to do what was best for us. Jess and Ben give you the facts and tools you need to decide what will be best for you and your family. As the husband and birth partner in the situation, I especially appreciated how much emphasis they placed on making sure the birth partner was knowledgeable and useful once things kicked into high gear. I gave my wife counter pressure and massage through every contraction, kept her hydrated and comfortable, and processed information given to me by the midwives so that she only had to answer yes or no questions. I was able to take ownership of my role in making sure she had the best experience possible. After seven hours of labor our son was born in our home amongst family and friends. We honestly owe a lot of that to Jess and Ben at Balanced Families. If you are considering getting this course, do it. It’s worth every penny and much more."

-- Benjamin G., USA

Course Overview

Module 1: Preparing for Birth During Pregnancy (7 video lessons)


Module 2: Labor 101 (8 video lessons)


Module 3: Knowing Your Options (10 video lessons)


Module 4: How to Labor with Ease (10 video lessons)


Module 5: You’ve Had a Baby. Now What? (5 video lessons)

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Test Drive the Course

Risk Free!

If you decide to change your mind, just contact us within 30 days and we'll issue you a full refund - no questions asked! We only ask that you first complete the course.


You can be...

  • Confident about your birth

  • Connected with your partner

  • Completely ready to straight-up ROCK your birth no matter what!

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