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About Us

We’re Ben and Jessica, husband and wife team and Balanced Families co-founders. We’re passionate about helping couples feel confident, prepared, and empowered to make some of life’s most important decisions about their growing families.
When it comes to making those decisions, we understand how overwhelming it feels. Balanced Families provides resources, tools, and an online community so you don’t have to navigate those decisions alone. We simplify the complex and help you find clarity amidst conflicting opinions. Our comprehensive, evidence-based content provides couples with a well-rounded perspective for practical life application.

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Vision & Mission

Vision: Inspire, educate and be the trusted resource for couples on their journey to build strong families.

Mission: To equip and empower couples to confidently build strong families through practical educational resources with a balanced perspective.

Our Approach




  • taking everything into account; fairly judged or presented.

Resourcing moms and empowering dads: A comprehensive and balanced approach


We want everyone to have a seat at the table, which is why our resources are created for couples, by a couple.  Everything we do, our real-life demonstrations, how-to videos, and dialogue prompts, are couples-focused.


The information we give is not opinion-based, but is completely balanced and evidence-based. Every couple has a unique family-culture. We create space inside of our classes for moms and dads to communicate and discover their options & desires together. Our approach is practical, educational, and engaging so that every couple feels confident and is on the same page.


Education is our weapon, and a balanced perspective is our superpower.

Our Philosophy

“It takes wisdom to build a house,

    and understanding to set it on a firm foundation;

It takes knowledge to furnish its rooms”


At Balanced Families, it is our desire to empower couples to build their families with purpose, so that together they can discover the beauty of its shapes and the potential of their family as it was designed to be.


Everyone deserves to have a thriving, joyful home.


Raising a Family vs. Building a Family

There’s a difference between raising a family and building a family. Whether you’re just starting to grow your family, or you've been around the block once before, bringing a new baby home can quickly become about survival, maintenance and meeting basic needs. Even as children grow older, raising a family can become a very mechanical process in which we get stuck in a rut of going through the motions of the day-to-day operations in the home.


Building a family is a conscious process of guarding and shaping the culture of our home—what comes in and what goes out. Building a family requires strategic giving of our time, energy, and resources—Key word here is strategic. The building is in the how we give, how we listen, how we prioritize, how we set boundaries. Now, all loving parents give of themselves, but building gives that selfless act definition and lasting purpose.  Building is about shaping and crafting a home that is special and meaningful to you. Couples who build together are deliberate, they discuss desired outcomes, and partner together to achieve them. Building a family is a lifetime investment in your marriage, in your children and in ourselves. It's what makes a beautiful legacy that will outlive us and will live on in the hearts of our children and beyond!


Our hope for your family is that you see the beauty of this. You were made to be parents! We don’t just mean physiologically have babies, but parent, instruct and shape the life of a brand-new human being.

Our Values

Family: Families are at the core of our mission.

We firmly believe that every couple can build a thriving family.

Integrity: Our values shape us and define our approach to life.

We strive to be honest, genuine, and trust-worthy.

Community: Families need other families!

We aim to provide a source of support and encouragement for couples and their families.

Education: Knowing your options is a powerful thing!

We work to facilitate comprehensive learning experiences of complex topics in simplified ways.

Journey: With you every step of the way!

We believe that every person is in a constant state of growth and discovery.

Partnership: Two are better than one and three are even better.

We operate from a platform of agreement and teamwork, and we’re determined to inspire couples to make this reality their own.

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