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Overcoming Fear in Childbirth

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

I just did a quick google search - I had my suspicions but wanted to double check - what does the internet world say on dealing with fear in pregnancy? Are there already resources out there that I just don’t know about?

My suspicions were true - there is very little out there about dealing with anxiety and fear in pregnancy. There are many articles about Tokophobia (fear of giving birth), which is fine and dandy…but what about all the rest of us who fall somewhere between a full-blown phobia and sunshiny, happy feelings about birth?

Where’s the help for the normal woman who struggles with anxiety about childbirth, who has thoughts like “what if ____ happens” or “what if I don’t get the childbirth I want?” or “there are so many opinions and I don’t know which one is right and I’m experiencing analysis paralysis?” (<— this one is all me.)

Here’s some things to consider to help you overcome fear in childbirth!

  • There is no one, right way of giving birth. Sure, we as women are capable of giving birth naturally, with no interventions or drugs. And yes, thank God for hospitals that can help women + babies who would otherwise die without medical intervention. There is no one, right way of giving birth. Everyone’s story and situation is different. Let’s respect that!

  • You can overcome the fear. Follow the guidelines I give in my guide to overcoming fear. If you’re still’s time to talk to someone! Your mental health is worth the time. See a therapist, talk to a close friend, talk to a mentor, talk to a pastor at church. Sometimes, just talking it out with a compassionate listener helps.

  • Get educated. Education empowers - but this education needs to come from a fear-free, balanced source. Ben and I took a natural childbirth course that made us afraid of hospitals. And guess what? Our third childbirth was a WONDERFUL experience...a natural childbirth at a hospital.

Just FYI - we teach an online birth class (Birth Class for Couples) that has literally an entire section devoted to helping you work through fear. It's just that important.

You got this, mama!


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