What I Wish Someone Would've Told Me About Postpartum...

I prepped hard for my first birth in 2014. Ben and I took a 12 hour birth class. We read all the books. Did all the exercises. Signed up at a birth center. Even with all that prep, I ended up with a traumatic birth (another story for another day), and after I was released to go home, I realized I had NO idea what to expect next. My birth plans had been shattered, and I had no plans or expectations for postpartum. I was on my own.

Postpartum was the hardest part of my entire birth & baby experience, and I think it was hard in part because I didn't know what was normal, what was "fixable" and what I needed to just roll with (and just survive).

To be honest, my second postpartum was even harder than my first. I had a surprise c-section and my daughter had breastfeeding issues/reflux. But good news! My third postpartum was GREAT and so smooth, even with three ki